AgriLogic is proud to be the industry leader in the development and underwriting of Private Products.  Through AgriLogic Consulting, our products go to market faster than any of our competitors.  AgriLogic Consulting works diligently to develop products according to specific perils or needs of farmers to ensure their crops and livelihoods are protected.

Crop Hail

Can be tailored to fit any operation

AgriLogic Maximum Price Discovery

Covers loss due to a decline in revenue.

AgriLogic Price Plus

Supplemental to the MPCI policy

County Plus

Supplemental to MPCI Area Risk Protection Insurance

Crop Replant

Adds up to $50/acre additional coverage in select states

Crop Residue

Provides additional production coverage to cover bio fuel contracts

Crop Wind

Optional coverage for damage to corn due to severe wind events

Following Another Crop Plus

Covers soybean yield losses 

Grain Fire

Acre-based coverage losses due to fire (includes combine fire coverage)

Optional unit-based coverage on private products for heavy spot loss

Pasture Fire

Fixed-amount coverage per acre for pasture land fires

Pecan Tree

A separate policy from the existing Pecan Revenue 

Optional Advantage